Rusty Grey Kullu Patti Suit Jacket-view 2
Rusty Grey Kullu Patti Suit Jacket-front and back view
Rusty Grey Kullu Patti Suit Jacket-Collar detail
Rusty Grey Kullu Patti Suit Jacket-Pocket detail
Rusty Grey Kullu Patti Suit Jacket-Flaps detail
Rusty Grey Kullu Patti Suit Jacket-Material detail
Paarli Dhara


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For the fearless you!!!

Set out on a chilly night embraced by this  exceptional piece of  craftsmanship and feel the warmth caress your soul. Made from traditional kullvi  “ patti “ this rusty yet classy blazer is designed to suit contemporary lifestyle. The impeccable details are bound to take your breath away.

The rusty shades this clothing exuberates is a mix of brown and grey wool

Product details

  • Colour: Rusty grey
  • Style: Blazer
  • Collar: Notch lapels
  • Pocket: Angled flap pockets
  • Details: Suit jacket with details on shoulder, chest and pockets
  • Length: Medium

Fit:  structured silhouettes.


Hand woven “kullvi patti” reared from the Himalayan Sheep

Product Care

  • Store in a dry place
  • Do not hand wash . Dry clean only
  • Aerate after wearing – this allows any moisture to evaporate and prevents odours.
  • This hand woven clothing may sag over time if not taken care of well.

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